Thursday, 28 May 2009

Charlotte's Blog - The knowing field

I have recently learnt of the way expressive arts create a connection in our intuitive mind with what has been named the 'knowing field', or 'quantum field' as Lynn Mctaggart calls it. In this field of thought energy, everything is connected by particles - particle of information, says cellular biologist Bruce Lipton. Research done by HeartMath Institute demonstrates how neurons and neurochemicals around the heart recieve and process this subtle information.

When we use non verbal modes of thinking and communicating, we tape into our heart's magnetic field and allow it to inform our intuition. Thus, expressive, creative and sacred arts generate a sense of connectedness with life, an empathic 'knowing' and receptivity to ourselves and others. This is because of the 'healing reverie' produced by the right - intuitive functioning - brain. As we interact with children and others through the arts in a 'non directive' and person centred way, we join their field of energy and enter the 'knowing field' from which emerges a seemingly miraculous experience of healing andrenewal.

Around the world, initiatives are being seeded to bring expressive arts into community building, which is in spirit a return to the communal rituals of bonding and belonging which older societies entered into without questioning. Our current technological society has questioned the reasonability of these ritiuals, rites of passage and comming together. However, now scientists like Bruce Lipton, explain to us that these ways of joining a collective knowing field are very important neurophysiological techniques that restore our inner coherence, harmony and stability.

Now is the time, it seems, to work with these new scientific discoveries and literally 'rewire' our brains, emerge into new dimenstions of creative adaptability, and transform our self image into one of visionary and innovator. Why not open Pandora's box of creative silliness and real enjoyment of crazy love of life?